The Trilogy Houses are home to adult men addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Trilogy Houses offer a unique and successful residential alcohol and drug recovery program, which includes:
  • Onsite detox
  • Attendance at daily AA / NA meetings
  • Open door to the healing work of the recovery community
  • DVD recovery program consisting of watching good moves in a relaxing atmosphere
  • Support for legal or employment issues
  • Daily guided group with Accredited Counselors
  • Transportation for residents to meetings, appointments etc., when necessary
  • Support and assistance in obtaining medical and dental services
  • Assistance with developing goals and strategies
  • Guided Step Study sessions
  • Operates under the guidelines of the Assisted Living Registrar
  • We suggest 12-18 months in residence
  • Government registered and approved recovery society
  • Restorative Health
  • Rehabilitation through Recreation