The Realistic Success Recovery Society is a nonprofit charitable society. We are always in need of donations. The men who seek help are most often homeless or at risk of being homeless, without personal belongings, broken in spirit and body as well as financially.


We provide clean clothes, personal hygiene items, food, a recovery program that works, fellowship, field trips and assistance with legal/justice issues. We receive limited direct funds from government.

Several months during the year, we come up short between the cost of operating the Trilogy Houses and the funds we receive from the residents. Without the donations we receive from individuals, unions and businesses, we could not do the work we do. Your donation helps to house, feed and provide our residents the opportunity to break the cycle of addiction and poverty.

Your contribution of furniture, bedding, towels, cars, lawnmowers, gardening supplies, men’s clothing and of course money, helps us do the work we do.

Here’s an example of what your tax receipted gift will do:

$50.00 will pay for warm gloves in the winter;

$150.00 will pay the hydro bill for a month in one house;

$600.00 will cover the cost of groceries for one house for one week;

$1800.00 will fund a bed for one month for a resident who is without any sources of funding when they arrive on our doorstep;

$50,000.00  will help us open another Trilogy House to assist 10 more men.

You may donate using the form below and you will be issued a tax receipt.  You may also send a cheque to 13516 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 3C1.  The Society will issue the tax receipt. Thank you for your generosity.