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In Memory of the late Gary T. Robinson, died November 2, 2013

It's been a year since your sudden death. You are in our thoughts, deeds, prayers and hearts. Your legacy of the Trilogy Houses continues stronger than ever. The foundations you laid are strong. Through your life Gary, you inspired and encouraged many people to change and live to their potential; in your death you continue to inspire us to be all we can be.

"Every time we make the decision to love someone, we open ourselves to great suffering, because pain comes from leaving.the pain of the leaving can tear us apart.

Still, if we want to avoid the suffering of leaving, we will never experience the joy of loving. And love is stronger than fear, life stronger than death, hope stronger than despair. We have to trust that the risk of loving is always worth taking."
~ Henri Nouwen
Your loving family,
Susan, Derek, Trevor and

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"Drug addiction should be termed drug desperation, our goal is to eliminate desperation
and replace it with hope".
~ Gary Robinson, Executive Director